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Business Advisory

Want to control your business risk? GRT will provide you with the whole picture of your business in financial,  .....

Tax Services

Panic when receiving CRA mails? When you get notice of reassessment issued by CRA and it has serious financial implications.  ...

Late Tax

Struggle with late or unfiled taxes? Overdue tax returns have penalties and interest can be imposed. GRT can give you a ....


Stressed out by messed up numbers? These numbers are adding your stress, wasting your energy and limiting your success.....

Condominium Accounting

Confused with manage same amount of monthly common element fees? We can set out your...

 About us   

We are an experienced accounting and taxation firm located in Markham, Ontario. We offer expert CPA accounting, taxation and consulting services for small to mid-sized businesses. Our services include: business set up, bookkeeping, financial report, corporation, personal tax and more. We believe in delivering results in a timely and cost effective manner, so you can have more time and energy on your hand outside of your business. Our motto is: Your success is our success.

Business Advisory

  • Business setup consultation
  • Business registration and incorporation
  • CRA business number/HST/payroll/import/export registration
  • EHT, WSIB registration and report
  • Budgeting, forecasts preparation
  • Business proposals for small business loan
  • Notice to reader preparation
  • Corporation dissolution

Tax Services

  • Corporate tax return
  • Personal income tax return
  • Catch-up Service, late filling tax return (both corporation and individual)
  • T1/T2 Adjustment tax preparation
  • Self- employed tax return
  • T-slips:T4/T5/T5018… /Summary/Amendment
  • HST new housing rebate
  • Bank freeze and payment plan with CRA

Late Tax Services

  • Examine your files
  • Contact with CRA
  • Avoid the penalties
  • Supplement to bookkeeping /financial report
  • Reflect on your current status with CRA
  • File late tax return/unfilled tax return

Bookkeeping Services

  • Full cycle bookkeeping
  • Accounts payable, invoice preparation
  • Accounts receivable, aging report
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Payroll calculation(weekly/semi-monthly/monthly), record of employment

Condominium  Accounting

  • Annual budget preparation
  • Statement of financial position
  • Statement of operations
  • Reserve fund reporting
  • Revenue recognition
  • Common area maintenance (CAM) reconciliations
  • Status of certificates preparation
  • T2 & T1044 filling
  • Assisting with annual audit
  • Supporting annual general meeting

Financial Report

  • Financial statement preparation(monthly/quarterly/annually)
  • Budgeting, forecasting and variance analysis
  • Cash flow and cash management reporting
  • Year ending adjustment
  • Support with internal or external auditing
  • Assistant with CRA audits

Our Price:

We offer competitive and affordable pricing for our services

Free initial consultation

10% discount on first project

Your success is our success.